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Important Information for ASCS Families


Calendar for 2018/2019 School Year 




 * 2017/2018 Handbook

 * Info about ASCS policies and


Click on the link to gain access to PowerSchool 

For parents 

For teachers

        Lunch ordering


* Log-in to your family's account

* Be sure all children are registered

* Place order for the next two weeks

* Submit each child's order separately

* Print each order out for confirmation

* Lunches are billed through the FACTS


ASCS School Code: 325ASCSDE



ASCS Dress Code & Uniform Policies



* Morning Drop Off Procedure

Afternoon Dismissal Procedure

* Aftercare Registration

* Community Service Reporting






 All Saints Catholic Schools offers students a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities that enhance students' academic and social experience at school. These offerings present opportunities to explore and build academic, leadership and social skills.






Curricular Offerings

* Drama Club

* Instrumental Music- Grades 4-8

* Band

* Guitar Lessons

* School Yearbook

* Student Council 

* Geography Bee

* Spelling Bee


Extra-curricular Offerings

* Science Olympiad, 6th - 8th

        Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Strobel 


* Science Olympiad, 4th - 6th 

        Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Haller 


* Math League

        Faculty Moderator: Mr. Roth 


* It’s Academic

        Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Warner 


* Writer’s Workshop

        Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Persinger


* CyberPatriot   


* Declamation


* Charter Challenge


* Service Club


* Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts


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