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Reading Assist Institute
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Why Reading Assist?  

All Saints (ASCS) has entered into a partnership with the Reading Assist Institute. ASCS is one of two Catholic schools to offer this type of educational resource to its students. Identified students, grades 3-8, will participate in one-on-one reading sessions with one of three full-time Americorps interventionists, forty-five minutes per day, five days per week. Interventionists have undergone rigorous training to become Certified Reading Assist Interventionists in order to provide intense intervention with those who struggle the most to learn how to read. These Corps members teach foundational reading skills to students who might never learn to read through traditional classroom education and help them develop a skill that will last for the rest of their lives. This one-on-one instruction will take place during the school day.

How do you know if your child may be struggling with the mechanics of reading? Struggling readers often:

  • Speak later than most children

  • Exhibit pronunciation problems

  • Experience slow vocabulary growth or have difficulty finding the right word

  • Have difficulty rhyming words

  • Have trouble learning numbers, alphabet, days of the week, colors, or shapes

  • Have difficulty learning letters, sounds and the connections between them

  • Make reading and spelling errors including letter reversals (b/d), inversions (m/w), transpositions (felt/left), and substitutions (house/home)

  • Rely heavily on memorization when learning new skills

  • Skip words and do not stop to self-correct

Is Reading Assist a good fit for your child?

Please visit the Reading Assist Institute for more information! 

Contact the school to learn whether this program would be advantageous for your child(ren).



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