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STAR Assessments
Latest news!
Latest news!


 Check out this article that features All Saints Catholic School and our

success using the STAR Assessment! 



All Saints Catholic School has been on the leading edge of utilizing Renaissance’s Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, and Star Math computer-adaptive assessments for screening and progress monitoring. The Diocese of Wilmington will now use the STAR Assessments at all schools. The Star assessments—which are the most widely-used computer-adaptive assessments in K–12 education will replace the TerraNova achievement tests. 

We are excited about the opportunities Renaissance’s Star assessments bring to Diocese of Wilmington students and educators. Other dioceses throughout the country—as well as many of our own schools that already use the Star assessments—have reported significant student growth as a result. The Star assessments will also help to support our longstanding commitment to academic excellence. 



The research-proven Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, and Star Math assessments quickly provide comprehensive insight into student performance, and provide teachers with the tools they need to bridge assessment and instruction. Each student receives a tailor-made test that adapts to the student’s current performance level, regardless if that performance level is at, above, or below grade level. Question difficulty increases after a correct answer and decreases after an incorrect answer. This reduces testing frustration and allows the test to accurately pinpoint what each student knows and can do.



*   Speed and Simplicity: Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, and Star Math are efficient and easy to use, which helps educators quickly identify and eliminate any gaps in foundational math or literacy skills for their K–12 students. That means educators have more accurate information to guide instruction and more time available to focus on teaching. 

*   Versatility: Teachers will use the Star assessments to screen students four times per year, as well as set and manage learning goals, monitor progress in an intervention framework, and personalize instruction and practice for students with standards-aligned instructional resources. This all-in-one solution helps the diocese get the greatest value for its investment in student growth.

*   Reliability and Validity: Research proves the Star computer-adaptive tests yield reliable and valid results. Norm- and criterion-referenced scores provide multiple mastery views. Independent groups, including the National Center on Intensive Intervention and the National Center on Response to Intervention highly rate these assessments as effective, scientifically based screening and progress monitoring tools. 

*  Instructional Support: Renaissance’s learning progressions for reading and math align to the diocesan standards, which ensures students are learning the skills they need to succeed in college and careers. The learning progressions present skills in teachable order, so teachers can quickly detect and correct any foundational skills gaps their students may have, which prevents struggling students from falling further behind as instruction becomes more complex. Focus skills—the most critical skills students must master to meet grade-level expectations and continue to build reading and math skills mastery—are clearly identified in the progressions, so teachers can prioritize intervention and instruction to help students who are one or more grades behind in skills mastery gain ground and work toward gradelevel skills mastery. Embedded educational resources provide opportunities for deeper study, enrichment, and continued growth for students who consistently exceed grade-level benchmarks. 

*   Measure Mastery: Not only do Star Reading and Star Math align to the diocesan standards, research proves they also accurately predict student performance on the state summative assessments, as well as the ACT and SAT college entrance exams. Renaissance’s free online tool lets students, parents, and teachers use Star Reading and Star Math scores to gauge students’ college and career readiness starting in sixth grade. This helps students understand if they have the strong English and math skills—such as analyzing data, comprehending complex texts, and interpreting information—required to get accepted into the colleges and career training programs that interest them. Knowing as early as sixth grade if a student is reaching or missing these benchmarks provides adequate opportunities for students, teachers, and parents to work together to focus instruction and practice so students build the skills they need to pursue their long-term goals and dreams.



Reading focus groups for students Pre-K4 through 2nd grade 

        - Students receive targeted instruction on concepts that are challenging, 3x per week for 20 minute, intensive sessions

          with students across grade levels

       - Once specific concepts are mastered, students can "test out" and move onto new concept

       -  Every student, regardless of achievement level receives a reading intervention including highest achieving students

        - Faculty focus on both student growth throughout the school year and student achievement as signs of mastery of


Data Walls

        - Faculty utilize data walls in the classroom such as Advanced Reading Charts and other image-based data tools to make

          students aware of their academic performance and motivate students to continue to grow and achieve.

       -  Regular check-ins with both students and parents regarding their student's assessment data is customary. 

* Gaps in Math Curriculum

         - STAR Assessment data allows faculty to identify gaps in mathematics skills where student growth is needed to master

           grade level math skills   

Instructional Tools

        - Renaissance makes instructional tools available to faculty to utilize for students experiencing challenges by assigning

          classwork and homework that target skills that need further development.



We encourage you to learn more about the Star Assessments by visiting Renaissance’s parent resources portal at Take time to review the parent guides, which explain how teachers use these solutions to help students flourish. You also can learn more about Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math, take sample quizzes, view resources, and check out sample reports. 




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